Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Sunday, January 8, 2012

~Been Awhile~

Every year Santa comes to our house on Christmas Eve. The moment he walked through the door she ran up to him and gave him a big bear hug:

MaKenzie in her Christmas PJs:

Santa brought MaKenzie a kitchen, laptop, shoes, clothes, and books.
She had to make sure she got everything out of her stocking.

We were all spoiled this year by our family and appreciate everything that was given to us.
Love you all.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

~Summer Days~

Are perfect to just chill in a wheat field.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

~Hogle Zoo~

We took Kenzie to Hogle Zoo for her birthday.

 Family picture with Kenzie sitting on the Elephant's trunk.

 "I am this Wide

and this Tall!!"

I love this picture.

KC playing in the log at the playground.

 The Family on the Train.

We had a fun time at the zoo.  We did decide that we need to go back in a couple of years when all of the construction will be over.

~Random Pictures~

MaKenzie playing in her princess tent.

MaKenzie with the bike out at Sand Mountain.

MaKenzie would take this bottle from her cousin, run across the campground and kneel down in the sand face first and yell hiding.

MaKenzie's loot from the Easter bunny: 2 pairs of shoes, 2 pairs of swim suits, a beach towel, a princess kick ball and 2 outfits.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


March is full of birthdays in our family, KC turned 31 on March 19th, I turned 25 on March 25 and MaKenzie turned 2 on March 28th.  We didn't do too much for our (KC & myself) birthdays; however Kenzie got her ears pierced, we went to Hogle Zoo (she loved the carousel and Zuri the baby elephant), she got some clothes, a Little Tikes car, a tricycle and some other things.  My mom went with us to the zoo and took several pictures, I will post them and pictures of her birthday party this weekend.

MaKenzie had her 2 yr. check up and the doctor says she looks good, he does want her to see an eye doctor because she might have a possible tear duct; her right eye waters all the time in or outdoors.

Her stats...
Length: 37 1/2 in
Weight: 27.5 lbs.

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Sitting here at my parents house watching the super bowl, they made prime rib for dinner.  I am not a huge fan of steaks or prime rib however KC and MaKenzie love to eat them.  So I thought it would be a good time to update our blog.

The goose/duck hunts are now over.  KC now just goes for drives and uses his FoxPro to call coyotes in, he has killed a few.  Kenzie and I will go with him every once in awhile to get out of the house and Kenzie gets way excited whenever we see cows, horses, deer or elk.

My dad came over this past weekend and help us fix MaKenzie's door for her room and change out our ugly yellowish outlets for some nice pretty white ones.  He also helped us hang some new lights; new to us old to him, they are the old ones they had in their kitchen and front room before they remodeled.

I can't believe that MaKenzie will be 2 next month.  She is talking up a storm and has such a fun personality.  She can be very bossy sometimes but I think that is typical at this age.  We are thinking of taking her to The Hogle Zoo for her birthday.

I started this class at the beginning of January and I absolutely love it.  It is so fun!!!

Monday, December 13, 2010

~We are still here~

We have been busy these last couple of months; hunting, entertaining friends when they come down to hunt, decorating for the holidays, shopping, going up the mountain for load after load of firewood for the family. Instead of a Bed & Breakfast our house has become a Bed & Dinner because the boys usually wake up around 5 or 6 a.m. and don't come home until 6 p.m. so I usually only make dinner.  There isn't any pictures with this post, I am having my gall-bladder taken out on the 20th, and don't go back to work until the 28th so I will have plenty of time to post pictures of the deer hunt and of Christmas.